Academy of CLASS | About
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In the first year of establishing the Academy of CLASS in 2012, we catered to 32 pregnant teenagers at a local school. Prior to implementing the AOC curriculum, only three of them had expressed intentions to go to college or post-secondary education. By the end of that school year, 21 out of the 32 teens were accepted into college and six entered a vocational program. 98% of the senior class that yer graduated feeling goal-driven and ready to succeed.

Today we continue to serve youth of local community organization supporting Miami-Dade County Public Schools and other organizations, such as: The Children’s Home Society.

We have  a special interest in helping  pregnant teen moms and young ladies stay in school to become equipped to succeed and self-sustained. 

We are dedicated to creating a positive impact and inspiring teens to become self-sufficient, goal-oriented and contributing adults, regardless of current personal challenges such as: teen pregnancy, abuse, neglect, violence or foster care. We are committed to providing engaging experiences that promote confidence, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and financial literacy. 


To use the success principles of abundant living to inspire and empower youth at risk to achieve success and experience significance

Our Vision

A transformed world where teens know they matter and are equipped and empowered to succeed and serve.

Core Values
  • Leadership
  • Health
  • Family
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Expose marginalized youth to events, venues and cultural affairs that increase positive experiences and growth-mindset.
  • Increase success rates throughout other youth-at-risks programs, through partnerships
  • Promote healthy decision-making and support teens in goal-setting and success pathways
  • Develop emotional and cultural shifts among teens and our community through advocacy
  • Encourage higher education and goal-setting for successful self-sufficient living
  • Foster job training and positive literacy (financial, emotional, social)

Mery N. Dominguez  has dedicated for over 20 years to the field of education; serving students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the forth largest  school district in the nation. Mery is a Parent Engagement Expert, an educator,  a professional speaker and a  best-selling and author. Her heart  is focused on philanthropy. She enjoys giving back and serving her community. Her goal is to create a global movement to benefit teens world-wide and transform over 1 million families, through her sister-company, ParenTeen Moments. 

Mery has walked in the shoes of a teen mom and a single parent. She understands the commitment required to withstand and overcome the challenges that come with teen pregnancy, including the feeling of being ostracized and judged by friends, families, and the community. 

Despite challenges, Mery pursued a Master’s Degree from University of Miami and later earned a Specialist in Educational Leadership. She wishes for her perseverance to be an example for other teen moms and expecting teens.  

Her powerful story encourages teens to stay in school and focus on their future success, regardless of their current situation.  She teaches teens how to stay true to themselves, be empowered and live a life of high values knowing that “All things ARE possible”. 

Mery is the mother of two daughters and happily married; grateful to have a husband who supports her mission to make a positive impact on teens’ lives, as she says, EVERY TEEN MATTERS!



The Academy of CLASS has a strong alliance with ParenTeen Moments. In-kind services from the company allows for mentoring and community support to remain constant . ParenTeen Moments is on a mission to transform 1 million family lives, including those serviced by Academy of CLASS. As “every teen matters”, ParenTeen Moments ensures no student is ever neglected or denied opportunities to succeed and that their parents are also guided in their parenting journey.